Do’s and Don’ts

Do check threaded jewelry daily to make sure it is on tight.

Don’t play with it, or ever, touch it with unwashed hands.

Don’t rotate your jewelry while cleaning it or otherwise!

Do be conscious of your clothes they should be clean and they should not be putting any pressure on your new piercing.Do be wary of your health. Avoid drug usage, get plenty of sleep and take vitamin supplements (Vitamin C, Zinc and Iron are all good).

Don’t swim. Pools, lakes oceans etc. are all breeding grounds for bad things.

Do use a waterproof bandage, such as Tegaderm, if you must subject your piercing to getting wet.

Do feel free to use ice or Ibuprofen to help alleviate swelling and pain.

Don’t have unprotected sex with a fresh genital piercing, not even in a monogamous relationship.

Do avoid contact with others bodily fluids near your piercing until it is fully healed.

Don’t remove your jewelry if you suspect infection. It needs to remain in to allow drainage. Removing it can lead to abscess, swelling, bruising and bleeding. If you suspect an infection please call your piercer immediately.

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