Behavior that promotes healing  

  • Revisiting the piercer for an evaluation at any time, if needed
  • Practicing good hygiene
  • Following the recommended aftercare guidelines
  • Taking sufficient supplement tablets Iron, Zinc

Behavior that hinders healing

  • Contact between the new piercing and another person’s skin
  • Touching the piercing, unless cleaning it, in which case only with washed hands
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol (in the case of oral piercings)
  • Contact between the piercing and bodily fluids, perfume or cosmetics
  • Oral sex and genital intimacy, where this could cause one of the above
  • Swimming in public swimming pools, lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans as they may be too harsh to promote skin cell healing. Chlorine in swimming pool water may be an irritant. Bacteria, protozoa, and parasites found in non-chlorinated water can lead to infections.

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